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QE Foundation
Building a Better Future
Non-Profit Education & Research
Cultural & Health Care Economics
Welcome To The QE Foundation
Copyright 2012 QE Foundation
Wilmington, Delaware 19807
Website Themes by CoffeeCup Software
Begins With Changing The Status Quo
The QE Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit education & research private operating foundation established to promote more and better jobs, more and better quality services and more and better cost effective efficiency in health care facilities and other types of seven day a week workplaces. The QE Foundation also promotes the QE Principle © as a needs based economic principle to measure and improve overall Quality and Efficiency in business and government services.

Health Care Reform
The QE Foundation has been involved in the reform of health care facilities since 2002. For those who are interested in improving the delivery of quality health care services while simultaneously reducing health care costs should contact the QE Foundation to learn how certain methodologies can accomplish this goal. The methodologies create more and better health care jobs and reduce health care costs. The methodologies improve the profitability of health care providers while reducing consumer and government spending. It is estimated that 150 billion dollars over ten years can be saved in Medicare, Medicaid and VA spending alone by using these methodologies. In addition, the QE Principle can guide our health care system in creating more workable and reasonable solutions to many health care delivery system problems.

Education & Research
The QE Foundation offers seminar and workshop programs on the QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods © that focus on scheduling and pairing employees into job sharing team partnerships to create a team synergy that results in more quality and more efficiency. The QE Foundation also sponsors customized trial research projects in health care facilities to prove the efficacy of the Methods.

Consultant Program
The QE Foundation also has a Consultants Network Program to review and analyze existing staffing practices and scheduling constraints and to provide individualized recommendations on how to optimize future staffing and scheduling methods.
Email: admin@qefoundation.org for more information.