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New Ideas and Solutions for Creating an Economically Productive Society
Article Added October 15, 2011

As protesters gather in NYC, is there a solution under our noses. Founder George Ricci explains the simple solution may be what we need.
The QE Concepts of Economics and Work Productivity
Article Added May 6, 2011

Explore the QE Concepts through the ideas of economics and worker productivity, written by our founder - Mr. George Ricci.
Creating More Jobs, More Quality, and a More Efficient Economy
December 26, 2010
The article that started it all, outlining the QE Concepts and Job Creation!
QE Principle
Article Added February 06, 2012

The QE Principle is an economic concept and model for simultaneously measuring the degree of both quality and efficiency as one entity (QE).
The QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods
Article Added February 06, 2012

The QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods (QE Methods) were originally developed to optimize staffing and scheduling systems in seven day a week health care facilities, but the methods are applicable to all industries currently operating, or planning to operate, seven days a week.
24/7 Health Care Systems on a 8/4 Schedule
Article Added March 01, 2012

Consistent, continuous and cohesive health care services every hour every day is the goal of a well run 24/7 health care system.
Rethinking and Redefining Education, Work and Leisure Time
Article Added April 16, 2012

Rethinking how our cultural constraints inhibit our ability to improve our schools, workplaces and leisure time, and redefining our culture using modifications and adaptations of the QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods that will in turn increase, and un-limit, our country's potential to globally out-compete other countries by creating a more and better educated workforce that will in turn lead to more and better jobs, more and better leisure time activities, and a better economy.
A New Aging Workforce Productivity Model
Article Added April 29, 2012

A new model based on a modification of the QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods that solves many of our aging population problems by helping older retired workers re-enter the workforce while at the same time creating more and better jobs for both older and younger workers when they are scheduled togehter into job sharing team partnerships.
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QE Staffing & Scheduling Workshop Presentation
Article Added April 25, 2013

The QE Staffing and Scheduling Workshop Presentation outlines a blueprint for government health care regulators and health care providers of 24/7 health care facilities on how a well organized health care workforce can provide higher quality services at lower costs.
QE Staffing & Scheduling Methods for Seven Days a Week ...
Article Added June 25, 2014

Solving staff scheduling problems in businesses operating seven days a week with methodologies that maximize the quality and efficiency of services provided by the employees of the business.
Redefining Work Days & How Employees Work Together to...
Article Added September 20, 2015

Article puts forth an hypothesis that redefining the work week and weekend so that every day of the week is no more or no less productively important than any other day of the week, and then using the QE Staffing & Scheduling Methods...
Transformative Community Policing
Article Added April 21, 2016

New way of hiring, grouping, scheduling and deploying police officers into the community to reduce crime more efficiently and qualitatively.
Reason for the VA Health Care System's Wait Time Problem
Article Added July 11, 2016

The root of the VA Health Care System's wait time problem is that the VA cannot provide 24/7 health care services on a 8/4 schedule and it has no intention of increasing access times and days for VA clinics or for full service access in VA hospitals and long term nursing facilities.
Primary Cause for Abuse, Neglect and Medical Mistakes in Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Article Added June 28, 2016

Understanding that the primary cause of abuse, neglect and medical mistakes in hospitals and nursing homes requires a new perspective that it is the existing systemic chaotic health care staff deployment and scheduling practices that are the problem.
What If Every Day of the Week Was No Less and No More Important than Any Other Day of the Week
Article Added July 18, 2017

The effect on health care, work productivity, employment opportunities, economic growth, education and schools, recreation and sports, family life and religious practices if every day of the week was no less and no more important than any other day of the week.