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QE Foundation

As an IRS appproved tax exempt 501 c 3 private operating foundation, we provide support and sponsorship for global education and research initiatives for organizations businesses, and individuals, especially health care facilities, concerned with optimizing their services and/or products for Quality & Efficiency without sacrificing one for the other. The QE Foundation offers the expertise to cost effectively provide quality while improving economic conditions for both employers and employees based on the QE Concepts of Economics and Work Productivity, featuring the QE Principle's model and measurement formula and the QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods workplace models and methodologies.
Special initiatives include:

1. Unique principle and formula for balancing revenues, expenditures and projected costs of consumer needs for governments, businesses and individuals.

2. Unique methods of job sharing techniques to create more meaningful job opportunities with a unique benificial cost effectiveness for employers and employees.

3. Unique and proven ways of decreasing our out of control health care costs while increasing quality services and outcomes to create optimal health care reform.

4. Unique methods for solving problems relating to our aging populations by helping older persons be more productive and a key component of a better economy.

5. Unique methods to make societies less reliant on costly pension and health care insurance and services while increasing productivity and quality liesure lifestyles.

While the QE Foundation website is under construction with more detailed information to be provided, organizations, businesses and individuals wishing to contribute their ideas, resources, time and efforts are welcome to contact us at