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Company Description: The mission of the QE Foundation as a charitable tax exempt 501(c)(3) health care education & research private operating foundation is to promote and sponsor education and research project initiatives to benefit health care facilities. To help advance this mission, the QE Foundation also provides consulting services through its Consultants Network Program. "QE" is both an abbreviation and symbol for the concept of "quality" and "efficiency" as one entity. The "QE Principle" concept was developed to determine the best balance of quality and efficiency without sacrificing one for the other. Quality without efficiency, or efficiency without quality, equals waste. Currently our focus is on health care facilities, especially nursing homes. There is a critical need at this time to resolve quality care problems and financial difficulties in nursing homes. An article titled "Cost Effective Quality Nursing Home Care" dealing with these problems is the basis for our current education and research initiatives. These initiatives focus on optimal methods of staffing seven-day-a-week health care facilities using the "QE Staffing and Scheduling Methods" to maximize both quality and efficiency of staffing services.

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